My name is Gosia :) I am the owner and indie dyer behind Uniko - Micro Dyery Bornholm.

In Uniko I combine everything I love: knitting, yarn, color, photography, and a sustainability mindset.

I always dye out of passion, and love to style yarn in creative ways. I also put a lot of effort into precenting my yarn as acurately as possible (eventhough I know all screens display things different, I still think its well worth the effort). This makes every colorway uniquely handcrafted and cared for. I only dye with quality yarn of the kind I love the most.

My yarn is selected and dyed with special care about our environment. I use acid dyes which I believe for many reasons is the most environmental way (you are very welcome to write me if you would like to know more about my methods and approach).


I hope that you will enjoy my little Yarn Universe, and that you will join me in this beautiful adventure of colors.  

- Gosia.


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